I am a street photographer, born and raised in Athens, Greece. I currently live in Munich. Until the age of 34, I wasn’t sure I knew how to hold a camera properly. The concepts of depth of field or exposure compensation were as familiar to me as was the word Rechtsschutzversicherung when I first came to Germany.

We all have stories to tell. Some choose not to, others find their way in art. I use photography. I will have succeeded as a story teller if my images make you reflect over them for a few seconds. I’m attracted to the streets but from time to time I photograph abstract concepts as well.

Although I strive for selecting the best part of my work, my images might not always claim originality or technical perfection. This is up to you to judge. Yet, they are honest, and so I hope that you will enjoy them in their sincerity as much as I enjoy them during their creation.

I am a Fujifilm geek, currently shooting with the X-Pro3 and the X70.