30 hours

New York Photography Awards, Silver Prize

30 hours is a small project conceived mainly to keep my mind occupied during a long 30-hour trip by ship. I was intrigued by the idea of how creative one could be in such a confined space (the ship was really small) and with patterns and people repeating themselves. It turns out it was a very challenging self-assignment, although I found people to be much more accepting of the camera’s presence than in typical street photography. I enjoyed making this small project for two reasons; firstly, although you will recognize the same spot in different photographs, the emotions they generate are completely different. This is the power of perspective in photography and a useful notion to reflect on, that is, how far can we go in rearranging similar elements to create something interesting before it becomes a cliche? The second point is the sense of acceptance I received by the people on the ship; it makes one wonder why people exhibit so different behaviors in front of the same medium and in what extent is street photography dependent on the environment it takes place, especially when it comes to people’s reactions. Just thoughts I took with me as I disembarked but still pondering over them.